A Golden Time

Golden morning view from my hotel room, November 6, 2014

Golden morning view from my hotel room, November 6, 2014

About 3 weeks ago I took a little trip to Golden Colorado, travelling for the first time on my own.
The main purpose of the trip was to attend a seminar related to growing and maintaining my art business. It was hosted by Alyson B. Stanfield, whose advice I have been following for a number of years. There were approximately 80 other artists in attendance form all over the US and only one other Candadian.  It was surprising how we had never met, nor heard of each other. She lives less than an hour away! It was a great pleasure to meet her and everyone else who attended.

There was quite a mixture of artists, some who were very advanced in their careers and others who were just beginning their art businesses. Everyone was friendly and open to sharing their knowledge and experience. One of the social highlights was the enthusiastic trading of gorgeous business and post cards!

Two of my new friends, Pat from Michigan and Stefanie from Illinois.

Two of my new friends, Pat from Michigan and Stefanie from Illinois.

We were guided to think about why we make art, why we might want to share it and the level of commitment required to be successful. Other topics included how to talk about our art and why others might be interested in what we do. There was also information on some of the nuts and bolts such as good computer software for artwork inventory and tips on how to give great customer service among many other topics. Various experts in the art industry were available for advice as well.

The Table Mountain Inn in Golden is where the event took place and where I stayed. It was a beautiful hotel, very professionally run.  Alyson and her team thought of everything and pampered us while we were there. Golden seems to be a very charming little town from the little bit that I saw. It has a distinct old west flavor. I would go back again, given the opportunity!

Now that I have some solo travel success under my belt, who knows what my next little adventure might be?

2 thoughts on “A Golden Time

  1. Karen Blanchet

    Loved your newsletter and your blog post. So interesting. I am going to devote more concentrated effort into the business part of what I do on a more regular basis once I get settled. If I don’t get settled, I will begin in January. First thing is revamping my website. My host wants me in Beta. Allyson is so good at what she does. I bet you learned a lot. You are already doing a lot of good marketing anyway. You are awesome!

  2. Judy Schafers

    Thank you Karen! I sure appreciate you reading my ramblings! I am looking forward to seeing your website revamped. You are amazing in how much you accomplish against the odds. You will do it!…and I think you will like it. 😉


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