Painting With Plants

Painting with plants is another way that I like to view gardening. Gardening can be a very creative exercise!

Every spring my outdoor activities ramp up to a frenzied pace and with the much longer hours of daylight, I can be found working in the yard until headlights become necessary. I must force myself to get to bed! Long hours are needed if I am to complete my vision for these living pieces of art that are my gardens.

Lately I have been creating plantings in various pots and garden spots having the best time putting together different colors, textures and sizes of plants and flowers. There has been no time to paint in the traditional way, but that is ok as I will come to the studio on rainy days and in the winter more inspired with ideas for the canvas!

impatient-spiderIn each garden arrangement I use many of the same principals as I do in my paintings such as repeating but varying colors,  line and contrast, varying shapes and focal points to name a few. The most difficult part is visualizing how the arrangement will look once it matures and which plants to put together because there are so many possible combinations.

If I am lucky with the weather, every part will form little vignettes or ‘paintings’ within a larger scene to create wonderfully inviting and rejuvenating spaces.

2 thoughts on “Painting With Plants

  1. Karen Blanchet

    Loved your e-letter! I wonder sometimes with all our ripping up and rearranging what the Earth will become. Then there are people like you who rip up and rearrange in beautiful ways. It would be better if industry (including farmers :)) took your cue.

    1. Judy Schafers

      You are too kind, Karen. Thank you for your uplifting comment!! What I am learning lately about ecological gardening gives me hope for this planet. Good luck and have fun with your garden plans too.


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