Artist as Art Collector

art-collectionAbove: Part of my art collection

It surprised me to learn some years ago that many artists also collect the art of others. I thought it was rather absurd at first. Shouldn’t their walls should be full of their own art? Why would they want to pay other artists for something they were capable of creating themselves? It seemed like a frivolous way for them to spend their money.

My whole perspective changed when a talented friend (who also collects other artist’s art) gifted me with a beautiful piece that she had painted. I enjoyed having it in my home and it always made me smile as I thought of her every time I looked at it. I began to appreciate the value of others’ art and how it can inspire with gorgeous color, line, texture and the energy that was put into producing the work.

Many of my artist friends have, through the years, purchased my paintings. How lovely would it be, then, to own a piece of art from every artist that I knew? These purchases, although small, show my support and encouragement for them as fellow artists. It has been fun and exciting adding a piece or two to my collection every year. In the process, I have learned a little more about myself as I look upon the array choices made. Each one is a gift and each one brings me joy every time I view these creations. It’s kind of like having my house full of friends everyday!


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