Waves of Inspiration!

Wonderful waves of inspiration. I have developed quite a fascination with them. I think I will do a series on waves.

Wonderful waves of inspiration.!  I have developed quite a fascination with them and would like to do a series on waves and streams.

Other artist’s sketchbooks and travel journals have always inspired me. They have such rich and interesting character to them and look like a lot of fun to do.  One of the things I wanted to accomplish while visiting Costa Rica was to fill an entire sketch book with art and notes of inspiration of our time there, similar to what other creatives do.

I have several half-filled sketchbooks, but had never entirely completed one and they were all created without color. This was going to be a bit of a challenge because we had decided to travel light which meant leaving my familiar art supplies behind. Not a bad thing. The use of water color pencils and fine ink pens were mediums I had not explored to any extent in the past, even though they have been in my supply stash for a number of years. They would be easy to tote along. Time to stretch my skills while I sketch!

A page out of my book. My first water color pencil landscape done while at the beach.

A page out of my book. My first water color pencil landscape done while at the beach.

Being in an unhurried state of mind freed me to try different approaches and not be concerned about the final product. In other words, these works did not have to turn out well. They were just experiments and impressions. In the process, I tried new approaches, learned a lot and gained some confidence in my abilities. You will be able to view this little book at my upcoming ‘Art and a Country Garden’ event in July.

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